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"Hanging On" 

Another in the watercolor and mixed media on wood series....completed this summer.  

HanginOn"Hanging On"
Watercolor/Mixed Media on Wood
Copyright 2015 Robert Yonke 


Low Country Plein Air 

I was able to spend some time painting while on a recent trip to the South Carolina coast.   Here are some of the results. 

Photo (4)

9"x 12" watercolor on Kilimanjaro 140# paint book



8" x 10" watercolor on Arches Board 


Cat Fishin'

This is another painting completed while working with my "studio on the go".  It's 9"x12" watercolor on Arches Rough Finish block.  




The Benefits of Traveling Light for an Artist 

As an artist, I encourage you to travel light.  I'm often on the road, so it's something I've become accustomed to, and have experienced the following benefits:  

1.  Traveling light is liberating. No time wasted wondering "what should I use".

2. Traveling light spurs creativity by forcing ingenuity.

3. Traveling light keeps the painting clean. The minimal palette choices help to avoid creating mud.

4. Traveling light lets you work just about anywhere, encouraging painting from life rather than photos.

Here is a golfer painted with the minimal material of an Altoids tin with limited colors, a cutoff water bottle, a 1" flat brush, a large round brush, a white colored pencil and a black Derwent Aquatone stick.

TheApproach"The Approach"
original watercolor on Arches rough finish watercolor block 
copyright 2015 Robert Yonke 


Expanding Boundaries Demonstration 

This was the result from my "Expanding Boundaries" demonstration earlier this week for the Art Club in Sun City Center.  Since the demo, I added the three smaller birds, enhanced the sawgrass along with the birds' bills and legs.  This is still in progress and I'll have the result with me at the workshop in March.